Enhance your Tesla with Unplugged Performance Premium Upgrades!

Unplugged Performance was founded and incubated by the team behind the world-renowned automotive customizer Bulletproof Automotive.

All parts are researched and engineered on Unplugged’s development vehicles to improve every aspect of the driving and ownership experience. Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give a new sporty performance identity to Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

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Ascension Front Fascia System for Tesla Model 3

The Ascension Front Fascia System is a complete bolt-on replacement solution designed to replace the Tesla Model 3’s front fascia (front bumper cover) with our performance-inspired redesign. Included in the box is a front bumper cover with under panel continuity, and all related hardware to facilitate easy installation. There are no additional parts needed to purchase for a complete and seamless factory-style bolt-on installation.


UP-03 Super Lightweight Forged Wheel Package for Tesla Vehicles 

In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed the world’s lightest weight wheel option, designed specifically for the entire range of Tesla models. Produced in aerospace-grade forged aluminum for maximum weight savings and strength, the Unplugged Performance UP-03 wheels for Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y are the product of a massive amount of R&D. The end result is a lightweight custom-made forged wheel that will allow your vehicle not only to stand out, but also, help you achieve improved performance.

Dual Rear Spoiler Set for Tesla Model 3

The Dual Rear Spoiler builds upon the Ascension-R GT-wing’s high-performance foundation. When converting our Ascension-R wing to the Dual Rear Spoiler rear downforce increases even further, producing strong on-track results.

Complete Refresh Package for 2012-16.5 Tesla Model S

For older Model S owners looking to give their Tesla a facelift to the newer car’s styling, we’re offering our Refresh Complete Package. The Unplugged Performance Refresh Complete Package includes everything needed to revitalize the look of an older Model S, including:

Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia
Unplugged Performance Side Skirt Set
Unplugged Performance Rear Under Spoiler and Diffuser System

Autocross Package for Tesla Model 3 – Adjustable Shocks and Rear Sway Bar Set

Combine our new Autocross Spec Adjustable Shocks with our legendary 3-way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar for the basis of an Autocross-compliant Telsa Model 3 track weapon!

Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model 3

More comfortable than stock when set to soft. Meanwhile, on track performance is so dialed in that it managed to impress our development driver Randy Pobst when turned up to firm (see video below). A wide spectrum of adjustment for both height and damping is engineered to satisfy street and track uses. Created by a dream team of top suspension engineers from motorsports to Unplugged Performance specs.

The BFB Kit – Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit for Tesla Model 3

These are proper supercar brakes for your Model 3. Supercar, as in if you want to stop your 250mph Tesla next-gen roadster then these are the type of brakes you need! You might notice that they look quite similar in construction. This Unplugged Performance system benefits from specially selected brake pad compounds that do not require high heat for daily driven functionality and operate quietly as well. The Italian supercar grade carbon-ceramic rotors provide a reduction of unsprung mass compared to iron rotors and further allow the huge sizes and performance gained without a hefty weight penalty.

Enhance your New Tesla with Unplugged Performance Premium Upgrades!