With effect on 12th May, the Government announced that all workplaces or premises are required to deploy SafeEntry.

What is SafeEntry?

SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system developed by GovTech, which logs individuals’ entry into a venue.

The system captures details that enable contact tracers to find close contacts of infected cases quickly. Individuals scan a QR code on their mobile devices, and particulars such as their name, NRIC/FIN and mobile number are logged.

Should there be a confirmed case at that location, contact tracing can be sped up using information from SafeEntry, which in turn helps prevent new clusters from forming.

How does SafeEntry work?

  1. Scan designated QR code to access the SafeEntry website.
  2. Select “Check-in” when entering, or “Check-out” when exiting the premises.
  3. SingPass Mobile users can consent to the sharing of their Name, NRIC and Mobile number via the app. If the individual does not have SingPass Mobile, the required information (Name, NRIC and Mobile number) can be manually entered.
  4. The check-in or check-out process is completed.

Please note that the data collected via SafeEntry is stored in the Government server, which will only be accessed by the authorities when needed for contact tracing purposes, and there will be stringent security measures in place to safeguard access to personal data.

Below is a list of recommended apps that you can try

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