Introducing New RSCHIP PLUS – Better in Every Way

This Next Generation chip combines the power output of our legendary RSChip Plus with new features and easier installation. The RSCHIP is our latest high performance Dynamic Soft-Flasher. Inside is a revolutionary new 20MHz microprocessor with on-board EEPROM to store our custom maps. Integrated Bluetooth, USB, and OBD-II Plug & Play technology makes this RSChip the easiest to use and most powerful model we’ve ever made.

*Made in the USA


New powerful TUNING ALGORITHM optimised to your car and works straight out of the box.

NEW CPU that allows faster data processing.

REDESIGNED HARDWARE. Now your RSCHIP can withstand extreme heat and unexpected electric spikes.

NEW ENCLOSURE with magnetic mount solution, that allows you to position the chips anywhere you want and remove it easily.


NEW Lighting-Fast Smartphone APP

Use the RSChip Plus App on your Apple or Android smartphone to connect to your chip on the go. Use the app to customize options such as engine load, fuel octane, and aftermarket modifications in order to maximize gains. You can also choose to prioritize power, fuel efficiency, or a mix of both.

The RSChip Plus App makes changing vehicles easy. Simply connect the to your chip and download maps from our database of over 5,000 supported vehicles.

We support over 5000
different makes and models.
Buy once and use on any vehicle
available on our database

Up to +30HP and +40 more NM of torque

+15%* Fuel Saving

Unlimited tunings and reprogrammings

3 driving modes and fine-tuning (presets)

Simple Plug & Play installation

Does not void car’s warranty


*Real world gains may be less or more depending on a large number of contributing factors.

1-Years Warranty

The RSCHIP CHIPTUNING comes with a 1-Year Warranty for manufacturer defects. 

Performance figures Up to +20% more HP*
Up to +40 more NM*
Up to +15%* more fuel savings
Software RSChip Desktop: Windows/MacOS/Linux
RSChip App: iOS/Android
Hardware 16 pin OBDII connector
Operating temperature -40C° +85C°
Operating voltage 7,5V – 20V
Dimension Length 65 mm
Width 55 mm
Hight  20 mm
What’s in the box? RSCHIP with OBDII Connector
Quick start guide
1x magnet mount
1x alcohol swap

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