HP Moto Cam m550

Moto Cam m550 – Amazing Video Capture Quality SONY’s STARVIS & HDR Dual Channel

When you ride the Motorcycle through the city, You might not want to miss the fantastic images and voice recording from the m550. The latest HP Moto Cam m550 is equipped with Intelligent Noise Reduction technology, which will filter and suppress any wind-cutting and environmental noise away; human voices will be picked up and recorded clearly. During an unexpected accident, this will also be the best evidence to prevent any false claims. Pick up this best partner to accompany your ride now. The HP Moto Cam m550 also comes with a 1 Years Warranty** – 1 to 1 exchange for manufacture defects. 

STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation

Sony Starvis Sensor, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Brighten your night trip

The HP m550 Moto Cam is equipped with Sony STARVIS sensor that will enhance your night recording.

Peace of mind riding; the HP m550 Moto Cam has 6 durable Optical Lens that has amazing Light Penetration with high durability.


Water and Heat Proof

We all know that the weather is unpredictable. Even with HP m550 Moto Cam equipped, you do not have to worry about getting into extreme weather conditions! The HP m550 Moto Cam Main Unit also comes with a Heatproof lagging case that will enhance heat endurance.

HP Moto Cam m550 Easy Pad

During an emergency, the rider can quickly reach the HP Moto Cam m550 controls via Easy Pad to capture the moment. The Easy Pad can also tell the rider that the speed cam is approaching*!

*Requires Moto APP Registration

WiFi APP – GO Moto APP

The HP Moto Cam m550 supports the Wi-Fi function. The friendly app lets the user easily view the file through a smartphone.

1-Year Warranty

The HP Moto Cam m550 comes with a 1-Years 1-to-1 exchange Warranty for manufacturer defects. Please click HERE to register your e-Warranty.

HP Moto Cam m550 Specification
HP Moto Cam m550 Specification

HP Moto Cam m550 Specification

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