Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance


We’ve always heard about the high maintenance cost of hybrid vehicles. Is it really true or it’s just a myth?

The answer is pretty subjective, it depends on your driving habit, and also how you maintain your vehicle on a regular basis.

Regular engine maintenance

Just like a normal car, regular maintenance is required. However, there are certain things that have to be taken note of, such as engine oil and spark plugs.

Engine Oil

As we all know, majority of hybrid engines switch between conventional engine and electric motor to get the car moving. Thus, using the correct engine oil is crucial to minimize the wear and tear of the engine’s internal components. Recommended engine oil would be 0W20 / 0W30 / 0W40, depending on the car’s model. These engine oil are designed to withstand high friction, especially for the engine’s internal components, where the switch of conventional engine and electric motor is very frequent.


Spark Plugs

The function of spark plugs are to ignite and create explosion within the engine block, mechanically moving the car physically. As the stability of sparks play an important role here, a constant and wide spread spark is crucial to create a stable explosion, while reducing the loss, and balancing the power transferred to the wheel.



Diagnostic checks on Hybrid system

There’s a lot of service centres currently offering services for checking your hybrid battery and system. However, are they professionally trained and certified? And with the proper tools to carry out all these checks? There are unknown factors, until you send your car in, and only you realized it’s not a proper job being carried out.

So, the question now, when should I send my Hybrid vehicle for diagnostic check? This answer is fairly subjective. As mentioned earlier, it depends a lot on driving behaviors. The recommended interval for diagnostic checks is every 20k km. Or, in any event that there’s something not right, for example, battery not charging properly, check light turned on, and etc.





Optima Werkz’s capabilities for Hybrid/Electric vehicles

At Optima Werkz, we have a dedicated team of specialists under Optima Hybrid Technologies. Our vehicle specialists are professionally trained and certified by our principal, FutureTech Auto LLC (previously known as AR&D) to handle all sorts of hybrid/electric vehicle diagnostic, troubleshooting, repairing, and conditioning.

Dr Mark Quarto, found and trainer of FutureTech LLC, based in the United States, having over 25-years of experience in hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV), have been continuously giving support, enabling us to deliver a tip-top quality hybrid/electric solution to our customers.

Since 2013, Optima Werkz has been one of the leading service centres that is capable to provide conditioning, supply and install hybrid batteries at a much lower cost, due to the frequent bulk ordering to our premises. Our facilities are equipped with certified and patented tools and equipment that is imported from the United States. This is to ensure that safety and quality are not to be compromised, giving out customers the confidence for troubleshooting/repairing their hybrid vehicles.

Apart from courses and accreditations that we have attained, over the years, we have hands-on experience for Hybrid vehicles from different makes and models, these includes: Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and luxury models.


If you would like to know more, feel free to contact Optima Werkz at +65 6472 1313 , alternatively, you send us an enquiry here and we will get back to you soonest.